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48 High Street West
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
S6H 1S3

48 High Street West
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
S6H 1S3


Trusted Representation in Moose Jaw and Saskatchewan

In addition to Criminal, Family, and Corporate Law, Chow McLeod Barristers & Solicitors offers several other practice areas to residents of Moose Jaw, Assiniboia and the Province of Saskatchewan.
  • Agricultural Law
  • Contracts
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Labour Law
  • Municipal Law
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Real Estate & Mortgages
  • Trusts
  • Wills & Estates
  • Wrongful Dismissal

Criminal Law

Chow McLeod Barristers & Solicitors in Moose Jaw assists individuals involved in criminal law cases of many types. Whether you’ve been charged with a minor summary offence or a very serious indictable offence, our team of legal professionals will represent you in court and provide ongoing support throughout the proceedings. Every client relationship begins with a no obligation consultation to determine how working with our firm will benefit you and the best course of action to take.

When it comes to impaired driving charges, the lawyers at Chow McLeod challenge police and witness observations and work to advance innocent explanations for otherwise offensive driving behavior the police and witnesses may have observed all in an effort to obtain dismissal of your charges or reduce penalties whenever possible.

Our lawyers understand that assault can happen as a result of self-defence, false accusations, or many other circumstances. Our goal is to build a case that favors acquittal of any culpability in an alleged assault, helping you move forward with your life.

If you find yourself faced with drug charges, Chow McLeod can help. We work with individuals to dismiss or reduce the penalties of possession or trafficking charges. Canadian law has become increasingly strict when it comes to drug related offences—even a fine can make it difficult to travel, and drug charges become part of a permanent criminal record. We help to minimize the effects of these charges, no matter how serious the situation has become.

Chow McLeod assists clients with fraud cases on an individual or corporate level. No matter the circumstances surrounding the fraud, we will work to successfully resolve your case in a timely manner.

Our professional team of lawyers understands the personal stress and trauma associated with sexual crimes for everyone involved. We take a personalized approach to your case and work vigorously to reach a successful conclusion, seeking dismissal of the sex related charges or a reduction in the potential sentence.

Chow McLeod Barristers & Solicitors assists individuals who have been charged with theft. Whether the case involves a home, business, place of employment, or an individual’s personal items, we’ll defend your rights, resolving your case before a trial whenever possible. We work with summary and indictable offence theft cases—no matter what happened, you can trust our legal team for support throughout the legal process.
Traffic violations can happen to anyone for any reasons—when you’re tired, distracted, in a hurry, or simply unaware of the regulations in the area. If you’re in a major vehicle accident, we will work hard to tell your side of the story, seeking the least severe consequences in court.

If you need legal counsel to resolve any type of criminal case, contact Chow McLeod Barristers & Solicitors to receive trusted representation in Moose Jaw, Assiniboia and all of Saskatchewan.

Family Law

Our experienced family lawyers in Moose Jaw and Assiniboia work with parents and their children to reach solutions that create a safe and positive situation for everyone involved. When collaborative mediation techniques are warranted we will incorporate that methodology. When court litigation is the only practical way to ensure safety of the children and preservation of divisible family assets, Chow McLeod’s lawyers will fight vigorously for you in court.

Divorce, defined as the termination of a marital union, reorganizes the responsibilities once held by the married couple. Depending on the circumstances, a divorce can be no fault or fault in Saskatchewan. If you have been separated for a year or longer, the divorce will be no-fault; fault divorces are filed under the grounds of cruelty or adultery. You will need to provide evidence to substantiate your claims. Our lawyers will help you gather the evidence you need to make your case and seek fair distribution of assets for the spouse we represent.

After a separation and divorce, we work with parents to determine child custody arrangements. More and more often, parents will be granted joint custody with the child spending equal time throughout the week or month with each parent. The best interest of the child is paramount throughout the case resolution. In the case of the death of a child’s parents, we work with the family to put legal guardianship in place.

Chow McLeod Barristers & Solicitors help parents resolve cases involving paternity law. When the biological paternity of a child is uncertain, we can arrange the appropriate testing. Pending the results, our lawyers will ensure each parent upholds the legal obligations they have to support the child.

Adoption is one of the most exciting, life-changing events that can occur in the life of a family. It takes a lot of legal processing to complete an adoption. Our law firm can assist you. In Canada, adoption is not recognized by common law, so each province is regulated by its own statutes. Whether you are placing a child for adoption or seeking to bring a child into your family, our solicitors will work with you and the adoption counselor to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Chow McLeod works with these types of family law cases and many other situations concerning you and your children. To work with a legal team with over 100 years of combined experience, contact us to get started with a consultation.

Corporate Law

Chow McLeod Barristers & Solicitors is experienced with resolving corporate law cases. We provide comprehensive services and advice to facilitate operations in changing business environments.

We help professionals complete incorporation and reorganization. Our law firm will ensure you obtain the licensing and agreements necessary to carry out your business operations during overall business growth, changes in staff, relocation, or any other major change.

We also work with businesses to legalize partnerships and shareholder arrangements. From filling out the paperwork to answering questions and communicating with each party, our corporate lawyers will help you get your new business venture started on the right foot.

Compliance issues occur within businesses of any size. Chow McLeod Barristers & Solicitors works with businesses to resolve these issues and advise you on how to prevent them from happening in the future.

Insurance claims involving corporations are often stressful, complicated, and confusing. Our experienced legal staff will help you sort out fact from fiction and provide legal support for claims against your company. From slip and fall accidents to negligence and any other insurance related cases, we seek a swift resolution so your company can move forward.

Our extensive experience with corporate and commercial law allows us to reach successful conclusions for any type of corporate law case, including construction litigation, contract negotiation, dispute resolution, risk assessment, and many others. If your business is seeking a legal team you can trust, contact us to begin working with us today.